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Recommended posts for you. Pop culture Hailey Bieber Wore Custom Off-White to Her Picturesque Wedding From the luxury location to the stunningly modern gown, every detail made this wedding worth the year-long wait. Fashion How to Make Your Summer Style Work for Fall Chic layering techniques are a great way to increase the versatility of your wardrobe, and they're sustainable to boot. Tigers are very sensitive and take life — and themselves — seriously. Far from seeing the funny side, the Tiger will pace up and down, roaring every now and then in irritation.

Tigers are adventurous souls and they will rarely stay in one job for too long.

Who is Hercule Poirot and who has played Agatha Christie’s detective?

Unlike the Ox who is methodical and diligent, and will stay in the same job his entire life, the Tiger quickly becomes bored and has a tendency to hop from job to job. Similarly, they do very well in jobs that allow them to be flexible such as anything in the creative arts, like writing, dancing or sculpting. Chinese Zodiac Tigers also make very good politicians with their ability to sway a crowd and fight for just causes. This is usually a role suited to an older Tiger as the younger ones tend to lack diplomacy. Typically, it is difficult to bracket the Tiger into careers because they usually end up trying anything and everything.

Tigers are lucky people for the most part, and just when they tend to run out of money, more seems to crop up, sometimes in the most unexpected ways. Tigers are fond of money, but they are not directly motivated by it. If they had a choice between earning wad-loads of cash but working in a very dully role or earning peanuts for doing something they love, they will choose the latter every time.

Generous beasts, Tigers are happy to share their money with loved ones.

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Though they can be selfish in the little things, their generosity knows no bounds. Tigers will be the first to donate to a worthy cause or help out a friend in need.

They are also known for spending lavishly on expensive gifts for loved ones! Tigers will be particularly lucky with money in the years of the Tiger, Dog, Horse and Pig.

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It would not be unusual for them to inherit money or property, or find themselves hitting the jackpot in some way. This is a highly competitive, active and passionate Chinese Zodiac Tiger who can come off as aggressive at times. There is glamour to this Tiger, who stands out in the crowd.


Others can view this Tiger as either obnoxious or entrancing, but however they exhibit themselves, Metal Tigers are bound to create a stir. Not one to mince his words, Metal Tigers have a tendency to confront problems head-on, which can send more placid signs fleeing for cover. This Tiger can be swayed to either great good or great bad — there is very little middle ground. Metal Tiger methods tend to be unorthodox and sudden, but never dull or boring. This is perhaps the most independent of all the Tigers! The most open-minded of all the Tigers, Water Tigers are the most creative of the pack and the ones most willing to listen to other's opinions.

The Water element provides this feisty sign with a sense of calm, and thus Water Tigers may be the most approachable because of it. This Tiger of the Chinese Zodiac tends to have a strong intuition and they are easily moved by the suffering of others. They have excellent analytical talents and skills of deduction.

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Wood Tigers, therefore, make excellent diplomats and have a natural talent for mediating. The Wood Tiger is very charming and friendly, preferring calm discussion over open hostility. This puts them in a unique position as a Tiger, able to combine the strong Wood element with their Tiger nature, which seeks to make the world a better place.

O f course, astrology has its critics.

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Her message for sceptics? Faulkner also has blatant disregard for what other astrologers are doing. I take something that someone else would spend two pages examining and put it into a couple of sentences. A s my reading continues, it becomes spookily accurate.

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It got to the point where, for the first time since I left Catholic school, I began believing in something bigger than myself and meditating daily. Because, well, planets.