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Then the script got flipped by the coach, who has taken the Bears from their first loss season in his debut two years ago in the wake of a sexual assault scandal that led to two-time Big 12 champion coach Art Briles getting fired.

We're just a tough, hard-nosed, resilient group of guys that goes out there and just competes and plays," Rhule said. The game between the Bears and Sooners will be played in prime time on network television.

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Baylor, which has won 11 games in a row, and Oklahoma , were both actually down one spot in the new AP Top 25 poll Sunday, with the Bears still one spot below two-loss Florida. Minnesota jumped six spots to No. They understand there are things we can do better. Oklahoma held on at home to beat Iowa State on Saturday night, when the Cyclones were unsuccessful on a 2-point conversion try in the final minute after overcoming a halftime deficit.

Iowa State also had a second-half surge against Baylor in the Big 12 opener Sept.

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Mayers had a yard field goal to end regulation against Texas Tech before Baylor won that game. The Bears were down going into the fourth quarter at Oklahoma State, then scored three touchdowns in less than four minutes and won going away. The comebacks don't even count the West Virginia game on Halloween night.

The Bears were tied until Mayers kicked a yard field goal with left, and they blocked a WVU kick seven minutes later. Make sure to follow the chain of command because the right protocol will make or break a deal.

Football: High school bidistrict pairings

Certain egos must be satisfied in order to move forward. As it goes with the human chain, and chains in general, much depends on position. You can be swung by the links that come before and after you. Your emotional dial has lost all capacity for mild settings.

The ocean is much bigger than you. Your feelings, however they may rise up, will never be too much for you to handle.

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Sometimes doing very intelligent work actually requires you not to think as much, at least not consciously. Your Friday the 13th birthday brings surprises, and then amplifies and sweetens them.

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As the weeks progress, so do your interests. Opportunities arise that are positively catered to you. December brings a risky, but worthwhile proposition.

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March starts a competition. Your training positions you for the win.

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Capricorn and Cancer adore you. Your lucky numbers are: 48, 9, 20, 6 and The more you use it, the more lovable it gets.

In fact, the dates that involve less financial exchange will have a better chance at going well.