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5D Astrology 2016 – SEDNA

Call if you are in the UK or e-mail alison alisonchesterlambert. To see Alison's YouTube Channel with the latest monthly astrology click on the image or here. To watch a video trailer about the Astrology Reading Cards click on the image. Alison's first book and a limited first edition. There are just a few copies left. Click on the image to find out more. Article on Makemake and population issues on. Spiritguides website. Goddess of Strife and Stimulation. Astrology of Our New Guide. A Difficult Choice. Book for 21st century. One thing that is becoming obvious is how the old transpersonal planets, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, are bringing out the meaning of the TNOs.

It was written for non-astrologers, but it contains the essential background that allows astrological understanding. How to predict with Sedna This article is concerned with Sedna as a planetary and collective energy and does not attempt to interpret Sedna's effect on natal charts. I have studied Sedna with regard to her interaction with other transiting planets and as a result feel confident enough to comment on those. In this respect I have watched for the issues and events that have affected nations and populations rather than individuals.

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Having a few more planets of a collective nature is making this type of mundane astrology richer and more fruitful because we have more to look at and more meanings and relationships to take into account. Hence there is more to understand and predict with.

Betrayal By Men– Sedna (90377)

It's like Monopoly with 4 more streets added. Namely watery weather events, such as heavy rainfall resulting in flooding, hurricanes and perhaps tsunamis. After that you simply need to understand how the Moon, Sun and Mars trigger transpersonal transits i. In natal astrology this principle applies to outer planet transits to a natal chart point — the transiting outer planet does not have to be within 1 degree — so long as it is in a period of engagement - that is - within the period of 3 or 5 hits, this rule will apply, albeit the manifestation is stronger when there is a 1 degree orb all round.

But this time it is not a natal planet receiving an update or service pack. There is something different going on. Sedna's energy waves are coming through the ether, flavoured by the zodiacal energy they travel through to get to us. They mix or interact with the energy waves coming at us from another direction, from another planet.

So long as we know what to expect from one planet, we can attribute the remaining energy to the unknown one and work out what it means.

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Easy huh? She was discovered by Brown et al on 14th November as transiting Sun opposed her and officially announced to the world on 15th March ,10 days after transiting Mars conjuncted her. Using this kind of accuracy as a guide, the tsunami of , which I have previously attributed to her, may not actually be anything to do with her. Certainly on that day she was not in contact with any other planet. In fact the dwarf planet most likely involved with the tsunami is Makemake, who was within 1 degree orb of a square with Pluto-Charon, and had transiting Moon putting him into a T-square; plus he has a history of tsunami involvement and mass de-population from Easter Island.

To be honest, the jury is still out; it is certainly too soon to make absolute and convinced statements based on the evidence of transits and event accuracy occurring over 4 years. However, I will say that I often get the feeling that I am working with rules that are accurate enough and will apply for now, even if they morph into different patterns after a few decades. To do this, I have a rule! If the event is featured on Sky news headlines then it counts as valid and appropriate. I will not accept any events that do not.

Betrayal by MenSedna

Otherwise, it could be said that I could dig around world news and find a storm or hurricane somewhere on the planet at any given time. Our story begins in and trust me when I say that, as strange as his may seem now, before then, no-one except un-published scientists and hippies left over from the Greenham Common protests had heard of global warming! Looking at where we are now this is hard to believe, but it is true. There had been a great and accelerated loss of usually permanent Artic ice.

Sedna Mythology

That is compared to an average of 0. The melt rate had got 30 times faster in 1 year. The overall loss amounted to an area the size of Turkey and it had gone. Although Sedna had been discovered, and there is no doubt now that this was synchronous with the massive melt down, we knew nothing of it until and likewise there were no significant transits to her until However, we do have to account for hurricane Katrina, an event that ranks as one of the largest natural disasters in the history of the United States. Things got worse as Mars came within 2 degrees of Sedna on the 29th and Katrina made land at New Orleans.

More levees failed and the floodwater rose higher after the hurricane had dissipated and Mars passed in front of Sedna. Storm surge floods and tornadoes continued for a couple of days afterwards. In general, the weather was starting to become noticeable all over the world and the ice was melting 30 times faster.

During those 3 years all the action took place on the fixed cross between 18 and 22 degrees of Taurus Sedna and Neptune Aquarius. May 24th Until then, America, led by George Bush, was in denial about global warming. He had even withdrawn America from the Kyoto Treaty that would have bound them to lowering CO2 emissions.

Sept 15th Saturn arrives at 19 degrees and puts Sedna in a T-square. Pertinent global warming reports were released and finally fear and realisation hit the world media. Mar 1st Saturn makes his 2nd hit to 19 degrees and is joined by the Moon. The analysis of Sedna asteroid not only tells about the problems that might come up in the future but it also suggests ways to avoid these problems and emerge as victorious. One may catch hold of many experts who can help with Sedna Astrology but these experts are considered to be very expensive and difficult to approach. The ones who are easily approachable and cheap are not very trustworthy. In many cases there is no guarantee of veracity of the analysis that online calculators make. What Color Matches Your Personality?

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  5. Sedna Astrology Name: Date of Birth: January February March April May June July August September October November December 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 The Sedna astrology analysis calculator presented over here is, however, without these problems. This is because this calculator is free to use and could be used from the respective comfort zones of the users.

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