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A great time for practical communication and application? Not so much…. Now, please resist the urge to shout those opinions through a megaphone. Want to know how to work with the current and future energy to get maximum benefit? Feel free to write me about it! CLICK HERE to find out how you can get a personalized, informative, life-changing consultation that will help you take charge of your life in the next year! The planets are always moving, and every month there are new planetary aspects affecting life here on Earth.

If you'd like a complete rundown of the major aspects happening in November , click here. But if you're not in the mood to do a lot Here's the most important astrological forecast of the month. Astrology, like life in general, This is part of the "Ask An Astrologer" series, where I occasionally try to demonstrate how getting a consultation can genuinely help and provide real guidance, using real-life examples. Want to find out for yourself? In this lesson, we're looking at the Grand Trine, or what I call the "big easy. Grand Trines give ease and harmony to the individual so it's considered quite fortunate.

But there is a downside - that ease can make folks complacent, letting life drift by. T Squares. Episode T Squares. A T Square is formed by three planets joined by an opposition and two squares. It looks like giant T and can feel hard to manage. Learn how to spot them - and how to work with its tricky energy. Your Birth Chart's Ruling Planet. We've covered planetary rulership in previous episodes. In this lesson, we're talking about the planet that rules your whole astrology chart! How to find it? Look to your Ascendant. What is your Rising Sign? The planet that rules your Ascendant is the planet that rules your chart.

For example, if you're a Capricorn rising, Saturn is your ruling planet. So simple! I'm covering more in this short 'n sweet episode.

The asteroid Juno. Episode Juno. As we move on in our mini-lessons on the asteroids, we come to Juno.

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Juno is the Roman equivalent of the Greek Goddess Hera. She was Zeus's wife and didn't dig his infidelity so she killed his mistresses and sometimes their children! In the astrological chart, Juno symbolizes marriage, commitment, fidelity, and jealousy. Episode Vesta. As we move on in our mini-lessons on the asteroids, we arrive at Vesta. Vesta was the 4th asteroid to be discovered and was named after Vesta, the Roman goddess of the hearth and home.

In the astrological chart, Vesta symbolizes devotion, service, commitment, and sacrifice. Some say it's your higher purpose. Episode Pallas. As we move on in our mini-lessons on the asteroids, we come to Pallas. Legend has it that Pallas Athena came into the world through her father Zeus' head - fully formed and dressed for battle. She was ready to kick some serious ass! In the astrological chart, Pallas symbolizes intelligence, independence, justice, courage, and strategy.

This shows where you are smart and creative as well as whereto might want to make a difference in society. Episode Ceres. We'll begin exploring asteroids in the next leg of our astro-journey. In this episode, we're chatting about Ceres, the biggest asteroid of 'em all. She represents motherhood, agriculture, and more. Learn why this asteroid is also connected to abduction and custody issues. Episode Interception is not just some sci-fi DiCaprio movie although that movie is cool. In astrology, an interception happens when you have a house larger than 30 degrees and an entire sign becomes part of that house.

Interception always happens in pairs - if one sign is intercepted, the sign directly across from it will be intercepted too. In this episode, we'll cover what interception is and how you might interpret it. Sites mentioned in this episode include Llewellyn and Bob Marks Astrology.

The Big Three. Episode The Big Three. Want to read a chart but don't have a ton of time? No problem, pardner!

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All you gotta do is look at the big three: Sun, Moon, and Ascendant. These three chart points will give you a ton of information. In fact, some astrologers feel that you can glean most of the info you need just by examining these three biggies. The Sun is the core personality, the Moon is your emotions, and the Ascendant is your veneer or armor. Once you understand the big three, you have a decent comprehension of a person's astrological makeup.

In this episode, we'll cover the big three and I'll give a down 'n dirty quick chart interpretation as an example.

Mutual Reception. Episode Mutual Reception. It's like they are wearing each other's clothing. Two planets in mutual reception strength and assist one another. Planetary rulership: Fall. Episode Fall. In the last few episodes, we began exploring planetary rulerships.

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A planet is considered to be in its fall when it's placed in a sign opposite of the exalted planet. When a planet is in its fall, it's considered to be the weakest expression. In other words, this is the worst position for the planet! Planetary rulership: Exaltation. Episode Exaltation. In other words, this is the most powerful, intense expression of the energy. Planetary rulership: Detriment. Episode Detriment. Detriment occurs when a planet is in the opposite sign of the one it rules.

The energy becomes weakened. In Aries, the energy is forceful, passionate, and assertive. Mars in Libra would be detriment. Mars in Libra would be more concerned with approval and cooperation - which can dilute the aggressive Mars energy. This isn't all bad but again, it's not functioning at full speed. Planetary Rulerships.

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Episode Planetary Rulerships. In this lesson, we'll look at planetary rulerships. Planetary rulerships help to determine a planet's strength or weakness. The planet functions well. For example, the Moon in Cancer is happy because Cancer is ruled by the Moon.